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A data generator for Visual Studio 2010 that allows data to be selected from an existing database and then used in a Data Generation Plan. It solves a particular problem with the Sequential Data bound Generator.

The Sequential Data Bound Generator has a particular issue when working with large data sets and the target database and source database are the same. For example, database A has a table called States that must always have states 1 - Logged In, 2- Logged Out, 3 - New User. With this data generator you can use VSDB's post-deployment scripts to maintain this static data but then use a data generation plan (which executes the Static Data Generator) to suck in the state information, populate the database with test data and make sure that the State information is still in the database when you run your tests.

All this is possible with the Sequential Data Bound generator but this component (the one that ships with VSDB) does not perform well over large datasets and possibly other situations. The Static Data Generator does not suffer from these problems.

The Static Data Generator also does not require you to specify a query to pull the data which save a lot of configuration time!

For more information about the issue please see this thread on the msdn forums:

You can also checkout some of the writing I have done about VSDB 2010 here

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